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PawPaw Manuka Honey 20+ Lip Balm 10g
Code : Paw Paw
Date Manufactured :
Brewery : Australia
All Purpose Lip-Aid
Australian traditional lip-care formulation, Grandpawpaw Paw Paw Lip Balm is rich in natural Paw Paw fruit extract, enhanced with Manuka Honey 20+ and Sun Flower Seed Oil for maximal lip protection and treatment. This product glides on easily without a sticky residue and replenishes dried and cracked lips leaving them luxuriously soft and moisturised.

Features and Benefits:
- Soothes dry chapped cracked lips
- Protects against drying effects of wind and cold weather
- Restores moisture content
- Protects lip from the sun
- Facilitates lip skin repair

Active Ingredients:
Sun Flower Seed Oil, Natural Paw Paw Fruit Extract, Manuka Honey 20+, Lanolin
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